10 Day Reset

This program is a quick mind and body reset


Designed to address what I consider the three pillars of wellness:




It contains a food elimination plan and a simple to follow menu using healthy lists of allowed clean, nutritious and delicious foods. It includes my Supercharged Plant Protein that will help you kickstart your day not only with quality protein, but enzymes, vitamins, mineral and probiotics.
I also give you valuable affirmations and tools to control negative thoughts.


Get on the road to optimal health .

In only ten days you will feel the difference.​

  • Toxicity assessment

  • Menu

  • Clean foods list

  • 10 Daily affgfirmations

  • Supercharged Plant Protein with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.


This Ten-Day Reset will open the door to a world of wellness.


"Give yourself the gift of
ten days of self care."

-Dr. T


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Included in this program

Here's what you get with your purchase.

  • 10 Day Reset

    Your program guide with a day by day mind & body reset instructions.

  • Food Group Re-entry

    This detox is an elimination program where certain food Groups are eliminated completely for 21 days . The re-entry guides are designed to let you asses how this foods affect you on a personal level. Depending on your results you will have the tools to identify  which foods are harmful.

  • Plant Based Protein

    Dr.T’s OHealth Plant Power Smoothie

    will allow you to jumpstart your day including not only the purest protein, but vitamins, probiotics digestive enzymes and essential minerals.

  • Affirmations

    Your daily affirmations guide.

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