Dr. T Supervised HCG Diet

Complete medical program for permanent results.


There are other mainstream and trendy diets that may produce quick but temporary results, the HCG weight loss diet is a complete medical program that will produce permanent results when properly done.


Our protocol entails a low calorie diet along with small amounts of daily HCG, which have proved to be an effective combination in losing weight and inches, reshaping your body, and developing favorable lifestyle changes. 
This combination aids in maintaining our metabolism and our energy levels which would otherwise be slowed down causing us to feel sluggish, as is the case with other diets that solely require taking in low amounts of calories. Additionally, successfully completing our program can lead to improved health conditions including blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure thus reducing one’s risk for heart disease.

  • HCG Shots Included

  • B-12 Shots Included

  • Weekly Check-Ups

  • Menus

  • Recipes

  • Shopping Lists

  • Lipotropic Injections


This program is medically supervised and followed up at our OHealth medical center.


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Included in this program

Here's what you get with your purchase.

  • HCG Diet

    HCG Diet Manual.

  • Recipes

    Great recipes, easy to make at home.

  • B-12 Shots

    In Office B-12 Shots

  • Shopping Lists

    Detail shopping lists.

  • Checkups

    Medically supervised and followed by a maintenance phase.


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