Optimization Guide &
Nutrition Block System


This is the ideal plan to follow for life to create health for you and your entire family.




I designed this program to guide you on the path to optimal wellness. As you embark on the OHealth journey I provide you with all the tools and tips I recommend not only to get you started but to continue fueling the journey for the rest of your life. I created a nutrition system based on food preparation which I simplified by cooking in advance what I call  Nutritional Blocks .  This will allow you to have nutritious and delicious meals readily available just by combining the blocks you prepare once a week. To make it even easier I included my Supercharged Plant Protein that will help you kickstart your day not only with quality protein, but enzymes, vitamins, mineral and probiotics.

  • Cooking guide

  • Menu

  • Tips and tools

  • Supercharged Plant Protein with enzymes, vitamins, mineral and probiotics.

True health starts in your kitchen.


"Use the system I use to
stay healthy for life"

-Dr. T


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Included in this program

Here's what you get with your purchase.

  • Optimization Guide

    This book contains your Optimization Guide &  Block Nutrition-System.

  • Food Re-entry Journal

    This detox is an elimination program where certain food Groups are eliminated completely for 21 days . The re-entry guides are designed to let you asses how this foods affect you on a personal level. Depending on your results you will have the tools to identify  which foods are harmful.

  • Plant Based Protein

    Dr.T’s OHealth Plant Power Smoothie

    will allow you to jumpstart your day including not only the purest protein, but vitamins, probiotics digestive enzymes and essential minerals.

  • Cooking Guide

    A detailed and easy to follow cooking guide organized into a convenient block system.


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